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HABITATGE JOVE provides the most used student and university accommodation service for young people. This service offers rent room availability on shared flats in Barcelona and surrounding areas.


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If you want to rent a room and contact the owner directly, please fill out this form properly and send it to us. You'll get a list of OFFERS WHICH FIT YOUR DEMAND

In case you have any queries or doubts regarding a published offer, please feel free to contact as to


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If you're interested on renting a room on your apartment, you can put an offer during 1 week for only 3 EUR. You'll receive automatically a list with information about young girls/boys interested on your offer that want to rent a room.

Fill out the template form properly (please, remember we do not accept offers higher than 400 EUR) and send it to us via our secure payment method "La Caixa": Please, provide your "La Caixa" credit card information, validate data and, in case you agree, you will receive an email notification informing you about the charge.

Your offer will be delivered automatically on the Web (1)


(1) In case you do not fill the form out properly with information needed, your offer will not be accepted on HABITATGE JOVE website. HABITATGE JOVE will not held responsible for truthful data users introduce in Shared Flats & Rooms Exchange, as well as relation and consequences which derive from data in question. The advertiser will held responsible for data provided.

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