Information Application / Online Booking

In order to receive information, you need to properly fill ALL data required and send them back to us to Once you send the form, you will receive information about AVAILABLE ROOMS to the email address you indicated on the application.


Once you receive a ROOM INFORMATION provided by HABITATGE JOVE, you can book that room by sending a payment of 150 € (VAT included) to the provided bank account.

This amount will be payable as processing fees to HABITATGE JOVE the signing day of the Agreement. If you decline a room which was booked for you by HABITATGE JOVE, you'll not be refunded your payment as a penalty.

Once you confirm to HABITATGE JOVE you received the booking, we'll send you a confirmation email RESERVA OK. Finally, we'll arrange a date to sign the Agreement (week-days, Monday through Friday).

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