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Through the following selectors you can see the available apartments or rooms lists by photos or by map, or classified by area or price:


Sort by price

Through this selector you can sort the lists of flats and rooms from lowest to highest price () or vice versa (). By default, the list is not sorted by price ().

See Map / Photos

With this selector, you can see the list of apartments or rooms with photos () or, a list with the map of the location of the apartments ().

Sort by zone

The zones are the 73 barios of Barcelona grouped in the 10 districts in which Barcelona is administratively organized in the 80s.

Most of the flats managed by Habitatge Jove are located in the most popular neighborhoods of Barcelona such as Ciutat Vella, Eixample, Barceloneta, El Clot, Gracia, Guinardó, Nou Barris, Poble Sec, Raval, Sagrada Familia, Sagrera, Sant Antoni, Santa Eulàlia, Sarrià or Virrei Amat. With any Internet search engine you can obtain information of interest about the area where the apartment in which you are going to live is located.

Using this selector you can sort the lists by zone, in ascending order () or descendant ().

For more information on the territorial organization of Barcelona we recommend the following Wikipedia links: