Owners of a Flat
to Rent for Students

Do you own a flat
and want to rent it to students?

Habitatge Jove services

  • We visit your apartment for rent, we make an inventory and offer advice for free.
  • You can offer the whole flat or just some rooms.
  • We provide information to interested persons through our website or in person at our office.
  • We show your flat to the person interested in it.
  • We manage Leasing Agreements.
  • We advertise your flat on the website, section STUDENT APARTMENTS AVAILABILITY or STUDENT ROOMS AVAILAVILITY.

Flat to rent conditions

  • All apartments have to be fully furnished, including all appliances, kitchenware and electrical appliances.
  • All services (water, gas and electricity) must be turned on/hired.
  • All apartments have to be near a subway stop.

Terms of Agreement

  • The lessees will pay the owner the rent in advance, both on the rent option by rooms and the rent option of the flat (apartment renting).
  • The lessees will pay the owner a deposit of 2 monthly rent for contracts of up to 12 months. For contracts of less than 12 months, the proportional or agreed part. For the rent option by rooms, the lessee pays 1 month deposit.
  • The lessees will also pay funds for additional expenses in the flat rent option. In the room rental option, a fixed amount of consumption is paid.
  • Agreements are signed in HABITATGE JOVE offices. The Lessee will sign the Agreement, as well as Internal Rules and an inventory of the apartment (This inventory will also be signed by both parties inside the flat during check in).

Documents to be provided by Owner

  • Title deeds of apartment and a copy.
  • ID card of the Owner and/or his/her representative (in case the representative signs the Agreement).
  • Valid warrant of habitability (or in procedure) and a copy.
  • Powers of attorney in case of signing the contract on behalf of the owner/s.
  • Energy Efficiency Certificates (EEC) or Energy Performance Certificates (EPC).

How to contact with HABITATGE JOVE?

Fill the following form or contact at (+34) 93 323 9068
(Details of the apartment you want to rent)

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