ERASMUS SCHOLARSHIPS is a fundamental pillar to promote the mobility of European students. The duration ranges from 3 to 12 months and several exchanges to be made either as a student or to carry out an internship. Without a doubt, it is an enriching experience at the linguistic, cultural and educational levels. Thes are the requirements to apply for this scholarship:

  •  Nationality of any country belonging to the European Union. It can also be requested by all those students who have a residence permit in Spain.
  •  Be in the 2nd course of studies or have passed the minimum credits required by the university.
  •  Be registered in a University for an official Bachelor / Diploma / Bachelor / Engineering or Postgraduate degree.
  •  Prove that you have a minimum level of languages. Sometimes it is enough to have a B2 level, but sometimes you need to pass a level test.

When you are awarded a scholarship, both you and your origin university sign an apprenticeship agreement specifying the subjects that will be validated upon your return. Depending on the country where you do the ERASMUS, the scholarship can vary from € 300 to € 400 approximately.

As a foreign student, you have the right, to access certain scholarships to study in Spain. MAEC-AECID SCHOLARSHIPS for foreigners offered by the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation ( are a good option. With this scholarship, you will get a monthly aid for accommodation, maintenance and health insurance.