The electricity supply in Barcelona and the rest of Spain is 220 volts and plugs are two round pins, unlike other countries in Europe and the United Kingdom, where they use 240 volts and three pins. In that case, a simple adapter can be used to resolve the difference. In the case of countries where the voltage is 120, you would have to use a voltage converter.


tap water is drinkable, it is usually used to cook, but to drink people prefer bottled water.


it’s the same service provided in other countries.


In Barcelona there are many companies offering mobile phone service, here's information of the most important:

  • Telefonica- Movistar (www.telefonica.es)
    • Requirements: In case of buying a prepayment service the only requirement is your passport. For contracts (post payment) the company asks for your provisional NIE and passport or your definitive NIE and a Spanish bank account is needed in both scenarios (must carry a photocopy of the savings book or any document that proves you as account holder).
    • Tariffs: The price of fares rang from 9 € to 30 € depending on your preference for call schedules and length.
    • Permanence: a mobile with contract requires a minimum stay of 12 months, if you bring your own mobile phone there is no need to sign permanence. If you buy a SIM card there is no penalty if you cancel the line, but if you do not recharge for 5 consecutive months it will be canceled automatically.

  • Vodafone (www.vodafone.es)
    • Requirements: to buy a prepaid line the only document necessary to show is the passport. If you want a contract you need the NIE or an European Passport, or the record of issuance of the NIE where it appears the identification number assigned and the passport of any nationality with a photograph. In all cases a Spanish bank account is required.
    • Price: The price of the service vary from 9 € to 100 € depending also on your preferences.
    • Permanence: a prepaid phone card does not require a stay while under contract, if you buy the line with a new promotion must stay at least 18 months with the same order to avoid penalties. If you purchase the line with your own mobile retention decreases to 12 months.
  • Orange (www.orange.es)
    • Requirements: if you purchased a prepaid line, the only thing needed is a passport. To apply for contract lines NIE or passport and Spanish bank account are required
    • Rates: Like other mobile carriers, service prices vary between 9 € and 80 € depending on the times and call duration.
    • Permanence: prepaid card must not maintain a minimum time, but for the contract in either case is 18 months.



in the same way that mobile phone service, the companies also offer Internet (ADSL):

  • Telefonica- Movistar
    • Requirements: free ADSL can only engage with a passport for any other service you must present your NIE and have a Spanish bank account.
    There is what they call Free ADSL requires no minimum stay, the price of installation is 66 € (includes router) and the monthly service is 40 € with 3 MB download. Does not need landline. Another option is ADSL Duo for longer stays. Has a minimum stay of 12 months, the service installation is free including equipment, costs 40 € a month and the download is 10 MB. The latter rate can be added for 10 € monthly packages of TV channels for free for one year. The USB modem can also be an alternative, it costs from 19 € to 49 € a month and they give you the modem. It has no minimum stay.
  • Vodafone
    • Requirements: you must present your passport or NIE and have a Spanish bank account.
    The minimum stay for ADSL contract in any of their presentations is 18 months, so the best option is to buy a USB modem for private use or a USB modem with wifi base so you can connect up to 5 computers. USB Modem for private use if you don’t want to sign a minimum term has a price of 49 € and service rates vary between 19 € and 49 € per month. The USB modem with wifi base without permanence costs 58 € and monthly service fees are the same as above.


  • Orange
    • Requirements: you must present your passport only.
    The minimum stay is 12 months and the self-installing pack is free. The monthly service is 10 € a month plus the phone line that costs 14 € per month. Additionally they offer the USB modem priced at 29€ and can be paid per day (3.5 €) or monthly (35 €), this service requires no minimum stay