The easiest way to have your money in Spain is to open a bank account in a Spanish bank. All banks accept foreign clients, whether or not reside in Spain, but among them vary the conditions. In most cases the passport is a requisite, but you should ask at the bank of your choice what other requirements you need. Generally, students with less than 26 years have advantages and promotions on the fees banks charge for their service, remember to consult all requirements and conditions before agreeing to any deal.

La Caixa” Office:
To open an account in La Caixa is necessary to at least present a passport. In this case you will be charged 29€ to be devoted to the national police and 2.5 € monthly of maintenance fee. If you submit the NIE at the time of opening the account, they don’t charge the amount for the police and the monthly maintenance amount decreases to 1.5 € per month. Depending on the office, a minimum amount of Money is needed when opening the account. And if you're under 26, you will be exonerated of charges of card issuance and maintenance fees.

Catalunya Caixa” Office:
The Caixa Catalunya request your passport and a letter proving your studies and if you have NIE or evidence of issue, must also show it. Maintenance fees and card issuing depends on your age. Finally, as “La Caixa”, they demand a minimum deposit to open the account, which varies depending on the agency you visit.