By plane at El Prat airport

The airport is about 10 km from the city and is well connected with it. The airport provides a free shuttle service between terminals. The train (RENFE) leaves every 30 minutes and arrives at Sants station where you can find connection to two subway lines. The trip cost is 1.40 €. The Aerobus provide direct transport from the airport to downtown. From downtown to the airport it departs from Plaza Catalunya every 10 minutes. The fare is € 5.05. Likewise, there is a line of urban bus, it takes longer because it travels through the inner city to the airport and the waiting time is longer. The number is 46 and departs from Plaza España, its price is a regular trip (1.40 €). At night the city bus service shuts down and starts working the Nitbus, the number N17 makes the journey to the airport. A final option is a taxi, which costs about 25 € which increases depending on the amount of luggage and travel time (usually they charge 1€ for each piece).

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